Azha Perfumes

    Azha, founded by third generation of Perfumers, was discovered during the worst times that the world has seen, where life was unpredictable, and only darkness was visible. As we came out of the 2020 pandemic, there was a bright light shining down the road. Azha was named after the brightest star in Ancient Egypt. Stars are such a wonderful creation, they shine bright in the darkness, visible from thousands of miles away.

    Azha is the brainchild of brothers, Mr. Talha and Omeir Kalsekar. Their late grandfather, Haji Abdul Razzaq Kalsekar was the founder of Rasasi Perfumes back in 1979, which became a household name in the GCC. Perfumery runs in the blood. They wanted to use this experience, expertise, and knowledge to create a brand that people can relate to and create quality products available to people of all generations and cultures.